Gordon "Flash" Williams

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Gordon “Flash” Williams
Former Vice-President

Bike: 1999 Honda Gold Wing Trike - 1500

Air Force – 10 years; Army Reserves Active 3 years

Current Occupation:
Retired Police Lieutenant

Favorite Quote: “That’s the way the bubble booms!”

Short Bio and Message to perspective members/public:

After retiring I looked for a group to ride with I found the Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club; joining in 2003. In 2010, I co-founded the North Jersey Buffalo Soldiers chapter. The best part of the journey is sharing the history of the Buffalo Soldiers teaching others to share the history and giving back to the community.

Contact email: airforce6@icloud.com

Annette "Nette" Williams

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Bike: 2003 Gold Wing 1800 Trike

Current Occupation:

Favorite Quote: “Only those who you love or trust can hurt you.”

Short Bio and Message to perspective members/public:

Prior to my getting involved with the Buffalo Soldiers, I was aware of their history, our history. I truly believe if you don not know about you, anyone tell you about you. So passing on our history is something I enjoy.

Contact email: annette.williams375@gmail.com